DOWSERSHIRLEY ::: Shirley Runco

Dowsing Expertise

Professional Dowser & the Bowser’s Dowser too!
510-278-3136 h
510-551-3136 c
Fax: 510-278-3136 (call first)

• Spritual Response Therapy
• Clearing: People, Land, Buildings and Locating Underground Water
• Teaching: Pendululum Dowsing Classes and Various Workshops
• Monthly Gatherings
• Professional Consultations

Dowsing is the ancient art of seeking information or unseen objects throught the use of non-ordinary perception; applied intuition using a tool; a process of obtaining yes/no answers (or numerical answers) to properly worded statements or questions with the use of a dowsing tool (L-rod, Y-rod, bobber or pendulum). Sometimes called devination, because the source of the answers seems to come from higher consciousness or universal mind.

Dowsing is used today to find water for wells, mineral deposits, oil, buried treasure, archaeological artifacts, missing people, to test the nutritional value of food, balance chakras, plan gardens, test auras, assist with therapeutic touch, diagnose physical ailments, study past lives, communicate with devas or study ancient sacred sites. The list is endless!

My services include a dowsing/SRT consultation for $150 which includes: checking on disturbances in or around your home, office or land and clearing discordant energies which can include underground water, noxious energy lines, vortexes, entities, electromagnetic fields, geopathic stress, voids, spirits and other influences such as discordant thought forms. Do you know anyone with a ghost they want to get rid of, a deer or gopher problem, a troubled pet, a need for an underground water location, or a problem with resistance or procrastination? If you do, I can help. As a professional dowser I am able to permanently change energy. Ask me about S.R.T. Call Shirley – your Consultant, Teacher, and the Bowser’s Dowser.

Monthly Pendulum Dowsing Classes – $65 includes a pendulum, a packet of useful information including many charts and refreshments.

Original jewelry/pendulum designs
Workouts at Bally’s Fitness Center

The East Bay Women’s Network, President
The Bay Area BusinessWoman Newspaper, Networking Guru
The American Society of Dowsers, Member
The British Society of Dowsers, Member
• Women’s Business Exchange, Member
• The San Leandro Chamber of Commerce, Ambassador
• Mt. Diablo Business Women, Member


One response to “DOWSERSHIRLEY ::: Shirley Runco

  1. Shirley is wonderful and very informative. She helps you release the things that are holding you back.

    Linda Tripp
    Five Star Health, CEO-Owner

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