FIVE STAR HEALTH ::: Linda Tripp


Independent Nikken Distributor

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Linda Tripp
(510) 568-8248

Five Star Health values total wellness. Instead of following the traditional approach of Western medicine that concentrates on curing disease, wellness emphasizes prevention, avoiding illness rather than curing it.

The Five Star Health Nikken Vision includes an understanding that total wellness rests on the 5 Pillars of Health™ — Healthy Body, Mind, Family, Society and Finances. Balance in all of these areas can help produce a more healthy and satisfying lifestyle.

A Five Star Health Nikken Wellness Home promotes your family’s well-being. It’s based on the understanding that long-term good health depends on maintaining balance in the four major aspects of living — Rest & Relaxation, Environment, Nutrition and Fitness.

Five Star Health Nikken offers innovative products offering wellness solutions based on the natural world. It’s not difficult to turn your home into a Wellness Home. Nikken products integrate easily into your lifestyle.


After a successful twenty-five year career as a bank officer at Wells Fargo, Linda followed her passion to help people improve their way of living. Long interested in the medical field, she was amazing to find products that could offer better rest and relaxation, better air and water, good nutrition, improved health without changing the way you already live! She was excited to integrate the innovative products into her life and have a positive impact on families and individuals in her community. She remains devoted to her vision of caring and helping others.

environmental clean-up
improving the planet

Oakland Chamber, Ambassador
Cornerstone Fellowship, Livermore, CA, member
• Chabot Park Homeowners Association
Women’s Business Exchange, Treasurer


Nikken Distributor

2 responses to “FIVE STAR HEALTH ::: Linda Tripp

  1. Linda Tripp is such a pleasure to work with. She will go 100 extra miles to make sure you get what your need. She represents Nikken which has top of the line natural products to help you achieve optimum health. Linda walks you through the process of what you need and makes the whole process very easy. My 88 year-old mother wears one of Nikken’s knee braces and can hardly walk without it. If you have any health needs, call Linda and she’ll see you get what you need.

    Cindy Elwell
    Send Out Cards, Distributor

  2. Linda is the best is her field! She knows, she cares, she dares! She is an amazing person beyond words…

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