Spring Garden Basket for the Midway Shelter Auction


To benefit the Midway Shelter Auction on March 24th, 2007…..
The Spring Garden Basket was created March 17th 2007 at Art Yowza!

Let’s attract some high end bidders for the shelter
and maybe some new members!

The Women’s Business Exchange offers:


Attract butterflies (and quite possibly ladybugs and hummingbirds)
to your garden this year.

Like butterflies, ladybugs and hummingbirds in the garden, the members of the Women’s Business Exchange support each other to create thriving businesses and the community to inspire cross pollination and new growth.

Attract and THRIVE!
(Thanks to Claudia for taking my words and making a beautiful table tent.)
The basket’ s value was $655.00, yes $655.00!!!! (Deirdre put her considerable creative talents to work and created this beautiful display)

Contents: Garden tools, gift cert for Claudia Massage, gift cert for Thomson Nursery, garden gloves, gardening hat, gardening apron, flamingo Surprise lawn planting gift, Art Yowza special class gift, garden mural consult from Deirdre, 3 butterfly friendly plants, garden pad and more!!!

The seven additional gift certs from WBE members total $755!!! (Kerry prepared WBE stickers for each flower pot holding one of our certificates)

Thanks to all of you who contributed certificates, and items for the basket. Kerry, Allison, Marquerite, Deirdre, Rebecca and I assembled it this morning.

This was fun!
Janet Savage


8 responses to “Spring Garden Basket for the Midway Shelter Auction

  1. Wow, I love hearing about women (and people in general) working together. My company has hosed fundraiser for different non-profits since we started.
    I really like the idea of getting other business owners together to create a useful basket of gifts.
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Hi, I wrote an article on collaborating with other businesses and mentioned your story. you can see it here, http://hubpages.com/hub/Promoting-Your-Business-Through-Collaboration

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