Claudia Mar Ruiz, CMT, Viva la Vida, Healing Arts Center

Offering deep tissue, craniosacral, and pregnancy massage. Ms. Ruiz has been providing professional massage therapy to doctors, business owners, the elderly, teachers, sales professional, lawyers and many more individuals for 10 years in Alameda.

Ms. Ruiz graduated from National Holistic Institute in 2000, and brings a deep healing in her session to clients with back, neck & knee pain, job stress, grief issues. Her massages also stimulate healing of computer injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome, or even foot & elbow problems. These treatments benefit individuals who need a therapist with a vast experience and a deep caring personality.

The services are provided in 2 locations:

501 South Shore West Center, Suite D, Alameda, Ca 94501. San Jose at Foxworthy Chiropractor Center.

Claudia also brings community together to experience healing through the sound of crystal bowls.

Claudia Mar Ruiz’s Specialties:

Deep Tissue, Craniosacral Therapy, Medical Massage, Pregnancy massage, Swedish, Shiatsu, and Sports massage.

She integrates her skills as a Mediator for her clients as a good listener. Also gives insights about their path that is printed in their hands as a Hand Analysis practitioner.

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