Women entrepreneurs have a powerful edge – each other!

Support yourself, and your business, by joining the Women’s Business Exchange.

WBE can bring new life to your business.

• Leads to generate clientele for your business.
• Support and resources from other dynamic and successful businesswomen.
• A network, a community of women like you, women who are consciously creating their lives.
• The chance to give back to your colleagues and the community.


  • To foster and support the success of the individual enterprises of its members.
  • To provide professional referrals and contacts.
  • To mutually support, educate and encourage each other in our chosen fields.
  • To create a forum for the discussion of ideas and concerns of women in business.
  • To contribute a portion of the group’s annual dues income to worthy non-profit organization(s) in the community.


The WOMEN’S BUSINESS EXCHANGE is about Women, Support and Community.

As Women, we have a unique way of sharing, understanding and respecting each other.

The mutual support from our group empowers us to live our values, grow our vision and be successful in business.

We all strive to live a life in balance, and wish to contribute to our local community.


Meet twice a month in Alameda from 8:30 AM to 9:45 AM on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays.


• Monthly Business Book Club
• Community Service Opportunity: Seasonal Gardening at Midway Shelter
• Special Guest Speakers


President Kerry Hargraves
Treasurer Linda Tripp
Secretary Diane Sickmen
New Member Chair Diana Simon

• Membership dues for are $100.00 per year.
• Members demonstrate willingness to contribute to the group’s success in one or more ways.

Interested in visiting a meeting of our association, at no cost?

Call Kerry Hargraves at 510-816-3443
or email ::: flamingess@sbcglobal.net
for information and directions.

9 responses to “About

  1. I love this…will get going on writing MY entry….and getting a fabulous picture, and thinking of all the categories I want to be listed under and adding blog address to my signature on my email and then adding it to my new business cards and and and ..!

  2. And, and… yes this is so exciting! I too have been thinking about my interests and other communities of which I am a part. I had an extraordinary vision of myself as someone who brings together various communities. Just today I accepted the invitation to be a Member of The Board of Directors of the Shivas Irons Society. You can check out what we stand for by visiting http://www.shivas.org. I spent last Saturday in Seaside near Pacific Grove meeting with The Board and helping to craft our mission statement using the same materials- The One Page Business Plan that we used a few weekends ago doing the same thing at Asilomar. Wow! Totally amazing how the universe is in alignment all the time whether we acknowledge the phenomena or not.Hmm…

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  8. Sounds like a great group! Would like to find out more information…

    Robin Ogden

  9. Hi Kerry,
    I really enjoyed the EBWN meeting yesterday with my friend Allison and meeting you and lots of other interesting folks. We chatted in the parking lot leaving. Like Allison, I am interested to visit and know more about this association, especially as it looks like many of the members could be an excellent network for my enterprise and mutual support. It helps that I live in Alameda and this seems local with reasonable meetings. I have the same questions re: mandatory meeting attendance and duplication of businesses.

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