Vickie Bockenkamp, Power Tools for Learning

Power Tools for Learning, Inc™. established in 1997, helps people of all ages with learning      difficulties. Founder Vickie Bockenkamp started Power Tools as a
result of her own experiences with learning disabilities. Bockenkamp struggled with learning disabilities as a child, and tried to cope with them as an adult. Later, watching her own child suffer with similar learning problems, she became determined to find a way to help herself, her daughter, and others with such
learning problems.

Bockenkamp trained and worked with the Davis Dyslexia Training Program in Burlingame, CA, and also became an Advanced Structure of Intellect Trainer. With Dr. Frank Belgau, of Balametrics, Inc., Vickie studied The Learning Breakthrough Program, still in use at Power Tools for Learning. She did additional research and found another existing program, SAMONAS Sound Therapy, to assist in correcting her own Central Auditory Processing Disorder.

Using Nutritional Therapy and the modalities
listed above Vickie corrected “dyslexic symptoms” and a 95% hearing loss with which she had been earlier diagnosed.

Bockenkamp was part of the National Association for Child Development’s Psycho-Acoustic Research Team and has been trained in the application of The Listening Program by Advanced Brain Technologies. In 2001, she developed a protocol for correcting sensory integration issues linked to an individual’s ability to process information. The protocol addresses and corrects dyslexic symptoms, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Central Auditory Processing Disorders, and Physical and Mental Midline processing disorders. The protocol also addresses behavioral visual processing issues, which create stress while reading.

Bockenkamp has documented over 500 clients
with an 80%-90% success rate utilizing her own formulated protocol.

She continues her own program’s research and development as she serves her many clients, children and adults, who come from all over the United States.

Bockenkamp has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and is affiliated with Advanced Brain Technologies, Inc., Balametrics, Inc., and SOI Systems, Inc.

For more information on the Power Tools for Learning Program please contact Vickie Bockenkamp at 510-337-9838 or

Vickie Bockenkamp
Power Tools for Learning
1230 Ballena Blvd.
Alameda, CA 94501
Ph: 510-337-9838

One response to “Vickie Bockenkamp, Power Tools for Learning

  1. Hi Vicky,
    My neighbor and friend Melody Carter told me about you and how you helped their son Nick when he was in eight grade which was years ago. I really need someones advice/help. I am about to put my son on ADD medication and really, really do not want to. I have had him tested and his IQ is 135 +5. He is 8. I know part of his issue is bordom. but part is behavior and defiance. There just has to be another answer. Please, Please, Call me so I can discuss this with you on the phone. My number is 925-354-2553. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Betty Espindola

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