It Feels Good to Do Good

11 February 2011

Alameda has a number of business networking groups, many run by women. One of them is Women’s Business Exchange of Alameda (WBE). Like most business networking groups, one of their main goals is to help each other grow their businesses. But WBE has another mission. They contribute a portion of the group’s annual dues to worthy non-profit organizations in the community.

On a beautiful Winter evening, the ladies of WBE hosted a BBQ at a local women’s shelter. This event came about because long-standing WBE member Diane Sickman had a grill in her yard that wasn’t getting any use. Given her huge heart and helpful nature, her first thought was to donate it to the women’s shelter. After speaking to the shelter’s director, Diane decided that there should be a big BBQ to inaugurate the grill. She organized the WBE gals, who cooked food for 30 people: ribs, hot dogs, sausages, and beans. Homemade lemon bars, garlic bread and salad. The shelter folks supplied side dishes and drinks. It was a full-on BBQ, in the middle of February.

WBE Ladies at the Grill

Diane Makes Sure the Grill Temperature is Right and Ann Helps Her Out

The women and children at the shelter had a marvelous time, feasting and chatting with the WBE girls. Afterwards, the cooks and servers had their own little tailgate party. It feels good to do good, as you can see by the smiling faces.

WBE members from left to right: Vickie Bockencamp, Emily Weil, Ann Cook, Diane Sickman, Helen DeLisser, Kerry Hargraves, Shirley Runco, and Claudia Ruiz.

Thank you to Renee Bornstein for writing this article and taking the photos. She’s there, behind the camera.

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